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I Love Pakistan, Do You?

I Still Love Pakistan do youCross Posted at Teeth Maestro: Barely four days left for the 60th anniversary of our beloved nation, but it seems that many citizens are just not motivated enough to celebrate this milestone. It appears that the people have been disheartened by the continuous political twists and turns that have besieged our country since the past few months which saw the attack on the the judiciary, the 5/12 massacre then the recent rumor of State of Emergency.

Its sad but the citizens of Pakistan just don’t feel patriotic enough to celebrate. Sensing this onset of depression Buzzvines has launched an ‘I still Do Love Pakistan, Do You?’ campaign just to bring out that patriotic spirit amongst Pakistanis.

I would suggest every Pakistani to take a moment and say a few words on why you love Pakistan and post it to the buzzvines site. My message posted on the site is as follows.

I love Pakistan, have done so throughout my life, and will love it forever.

Pakistan belongs to its people and not to the bunch of rotten corrupt politicians that have come and gone. Pakistan has been resilient enough to withstand the onslaught of corruption year after year for 60 years running, watching one tyrant after another make his own heaven on earth, even then my country withstood the onslaught and continued to serve its people. After a 60 year struggle it seems to be a little battle worn and tired and its now time for true Pakistanis like us, to stand up and give our nation a helping hand. It does not ask for much, just simply your love for the nation and maybe a good ruler at the helm of the ship and the courage to stand up and boldly say, I LOVE PAKISTAN very soon we shall see our efforts bear fruit and the new rising sun will take Pakistan into the skies like never before

Believe in Pakistan like never before and boldly say Pakistan Zindabad

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  2. By Abrar Hussain on Jun 29, 2010 | Reply

    You know why i love my beloved country Pakistan,because its give me a name ,dignity,gut,wonderful life,wonderful peoples,wonderfull leaders like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and And blessed me with a religion of Islam etc,….

  3. By harji lal on Jul 18, 2010 | Reply

    i simply say i love PAKISTAN………………
    B/c its our mother land and we should behave like obedient sons… my masssege to the nation plz think about it … This country gave us so much . now its our term to do for him …………………

    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD pakistan pindabad

  4. By Muhammad Farooq Bugti on May 28, 2015 | Reply


    Our country name is Pakistan.Pakistan is one independent country. we looked our past day before the independent of Pakistan. how our leader is tray to independent struggle. Pakistan is not make easily. independent is beg blood, struggle, work hard and more… our leader does work hard Quaid e Azam and other leader so Pakistan become in 1947. Pakistan is not independent for spread bad situation and hat each other. our grant leader thinks once time Pakistan make Islamic country very Muslim stay respectively in country. in the Islam very Muslims are brother each other. today if we look any other Muslim so we what say he Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Pathan, we not think first we are brother each other because first we Muslim and after we are Pakistani and in the last we know own cast. please leave this cast system and finish this cast system and firkawariath. Today our country in bad situation for not resign our leader and Army, Police and our Agency. its resign is go our side. because Pakistan is our Country not only our leader and servant country. we went we be care our country. I pray Allah is save Our Country. Every man say PAKISTA ZINDABAD.

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