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Pakistan Flood Relief Campaign – Donate Generously

The earthquake’s that have hit Pakistan in 2005 and 2008  were regarded as the worst tragedy for the nation. Few have realized that the recent floods have in fact caused more damage then those earthquake’s did. As per latest reports official figures stand at 1600 dead and 12 million left homeless.

The Monsoon rains began  two weeks ago and have washed away roads, bridges and communications lines, hampering rescue efforts by aid organizations and the government. The downpours have grounded many aircraft trying to rescue people and ferry aid, including six helicopters manned by US troops on secondment from Afghanistan.

Currently 30,000 Pakistan Army troops are busy in rescue and relief efforts. Where as  the Earthquake of 2005 and 2008 and the IDP crisis were devastating,  unlike the Flooding they were contained within a geographic area. Flooding has been reported  from Kyhber-Pakthunkwa all they way down to Southern Punjab and  Sindh. There is only so much the government and the armed forces can do in the face of such a massive disaster and so we as citizens have undertaken the mantle of trying to add our little drop to the ocean

To that end, we have decided to take up relief efforts to the areas of Sindh in an attempt to help bring relief to the suffering. The idea is initially to partner with a team of who is willing to take the relief goods up. We hope to launch such an intiative with Motorsports Club of Pakistan and our very own OffroadPakistan group to some part of Sindh and personally deliver the goods there. To help our international donors we have partnered with SA Relief operating under the aiegus of Paksef a US Tax-deductible 501(c)(3) NGO registered in California to enable our US based well wishers to contribute to the relief via Chipin and Paypal

The online collection is slated to run through out Ramazan to tap into the generous Zakat giving ability of Muslims around the world, ideally this would mean two missions, one from the cash funds collected personally in Karachi while the second mission will utilize the generous contribution from online donations. It is my personal promise that all funds collected will be disbursed off in a total transparent manner as possible, all recipts and travel expenditures will be posted online for the world to see. Like the IDP Relief effort we did in 2009 here, here

Donations can be made directly into MOTORSPORTS CLUB PAKISTAN account at Samba Bank Ltd. in Karachi. A/C#06500379349  or even online on the widget provided above which is processed via Paypal and these online contributions are being collected by PAKISTAN SCIENCE & ENGINEERING FOUNDATION a 501(c)(3) registered California based not-for-profit organization, EIN# 20-2950808. For info contact:

October 8th 2005, Remembered

Pakistan Quake One Year AgoOctober 8th 2005, changed Pakistan forever, at precisely 08:50:38 a massive earthquake struck the northern areas of Pakistan over 80,000 lives perished in a blink of an eye, thousands were displaced ultimately resulting in millions of dollars in damage.

At this tragic moment it was really heartening to see that every Pakistani around the world joined in the relief efforts in unison to help the suffering. It was a proud moment of unity which sadly seemed to last for a fleeting moment and has long since been forgotten, the tragedy was without doubt a lesson from God Almighty, but it seems that we may have already forgotten too quickly, we have returned back into the slums of looting and plundering that has always been the hallmark of our corrupt leadership we have forgotten, we continue to loot and plunder the nation with no care and worries of any repercussions whatsoever.

I would like to join A for [pine]Apple in prayer at Islamabad Metroblogs

Let’s pray for the departed souls, May Allah bless them with Maghfirah and Peace in Jannah; and for the affectees who lost limbs, families, homes, businesses, and lot more we’d never be able to even comprehend, May Allah’s blessings be with them (Ameen)

Please its time for us all to stop for a moment and reflect back on that day two years back where we were all a witness to some remarkable stories of unity, faith and discipline which was interspersed amongst the tragic loss of life, lets reflect back on the fleeting glimpses of a proud nation which stood up for something it truly believed in, if we can do it once then I believe we can do it again and not wait for another tragedy to jolt us again into our senses.

Lets preempt the rebuilding of our own nations with our own hands lets forget about any help from our politicians who continue to be self indulgent in protecting their own seats of power simultaneously amassing wealth for their own benefit. Simply said we don’t need politicians, We need Leaders.

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I Love Pakistan, Do You?

I Still Love Pakistan do youCross Posted at Teeth Maestro: Barely four days left for the 60th anniversary of our beloved nation, but it seems that many citizens are just not motivated enough to celebrate this milestone. It appears that the people have been disheartened by the continuous political twists and turns that have besieged our country since the past few months which saw the attack on the the judiciary, the 5/12 massacre then the recent rumor of State of Emergency.

Its sad but the citizens of Pakistan just don’t feel patriotic enough to celebrate. Sensing this onset of depression Buzzvines has launched an ‘I still Do Love Pakistan, Do You?’ campaign just to bring out that patriotic spirit amongst Pakistanis.

I would suggest every Pakistani to take a moment and say a few words on why you love Pakistan and post it to the buzzvines site. My message posted on the site is as follows.

I love Pakistan, have done so throughout my life, and will love it forever.

Pakistan belongs to its people and not to the bunch of rotten corrupt politicians that have come and gone. Pakistan has been resilient enough to withstand the onslaught of corruption year after year for 60 years running, watching one tyrant after another make his own heaven on earth, even then my country withstood the onslaught and continued to serve its people. After a 60 year struggle it seems to be a little battle worn and tired and its now time for true Pakistanis like us, to stand up and give our nation a helping hand. It does not ask for much, just simply your love for the nation and maybe a good ruler at the helm of the ship and the courage to stand up and boldly say, I LOVE PAKISTAN very soon we shall see our efforts bear fruit and the new rising sun will take Pakistan into the skies like never before

Believe in Pakistan like never before and boldly say Pakistan Zindabad

Oct 8th 2006 – Pakistan Earthquake Blog Day

In response to our call for observing a Blog Day to commeorate the Earthquake which struck Pakistan a year back, the blogging community came out in full force here is an ongoing list of post a tribute to the fallen and may it serve to rekindle the hope of the suffering

Pakistan Earthquake Blog Day 2006
Blog Posts of Mention

This is an ongoing list, if your blog has not been entered into the list please comment below and we shall update it as soon as possible.

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Have You Forgotten? October 8th 2005

Pakistan Quake One Year AgoOctober 8th 2005, changed Pakistan forever, at precisely 08:50:38 a massive earthquake struck the northern areas of Pakistan which devastated the entire country over 80,000 lives perished in a blink of an eye, thousands were displaced resulting in millions of dollars in damage. The entire country joined hands in unison to help the suffering, but even more needs to be done.

In an effort to raise awareness for the victims of the Earthquake in Pakistan we propose to launch a Blog Day, requesting all bloggers to make a post about the earthquake which struck our country one year back by actually asking yourself


When making that specific post we ask you to do is provide a track-back to this post on the website using this specific URL this will allow us to keep track of everyone who has NOT forgotten.the Earthquake in Pakistan

If you don’t have a blog then share your experience with the world on this blog by writing a story or a life changing experince about the earthquake in Pakistan

Earthquake Fund Raising Effort

Earthquake is a project that was launched soon after the October 8th earthquake that shook most of northern Pakistan and parts of India causing a loss of more than 78,000 lives and making 3.3 million people homeless. It is the brainchild of Dr. Awab Alvi, who realized, soon after the earthquake, the need for an online system to assist individual international donors.

To date we have raised upwards of $8000, close to half a million Rupees, which have been transferred to The Citizens Foundations Earthquake Relief Fund. The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a nongovernmental organization that is committed to providing quality education to the underprivileged childern of Pakistan. After the earthquake, however, TCF launched a program to build several thousand homes for the people who have been rendered homeless by the earthquake. Click here to have an overview of TCF’s efforts.

There are 3 ways you can help the EQ victims:

1) Donate
2) Spread the word
3) If you are a designer you can help us design merchandise