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"Thousands have lost their lives and millions need shelter. Please consider donating for the cause to help bring relief to those who are suffering."



Even the smallest contribution can SAVE a life!

First check of
US $ 7,086.83 collected through generous donations on Help-Pakistan handed over to TCF

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"Its terrible out here, A sense of helplessness has been replaced by a determined awareness that unless we do something history will not judge us well. There are 4 million homeless lives at stake, for the forty thousand that have been lost, we're sorry we couldn't do enough.

But our resolve has been solidified not shattered by this tragedy and once again the interior depths of our soul have rung out the words, Judge not those who try and fail, Judge only those who fail to try. We will try and WE SHALL Overcome!" - (by a Pakistani)

The Help-Pakistan team is committed to raising funds for Pakistan and give the country a helping hand to recover from this minor set back in its progress.  We pledge to ensure that each and every cent is carefully contributed to a reputable organization and for this reason, we have chosen The Citizens Foundation to finally get all the funds collected by Donate a Dollar for Pakistan campaign.



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