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"Thousands have lost their lives and millions need shelter. Please consider donating for the cause to help bring relief to those who are suffering."


Dr. Awab Alvi - BDS, MSc, CEndo, is a dentist by profession, graduated with a Masters in Orthodontics from St. Louis University and recently went to University of Pennsylvania for a training in Endodontics, He now practices full time at Alvi Dental Hospital. Dr. Alvi also enjoys a teaching position of Associate Professor at Baqai Dental College in the Department of Orthodontics.  In his personal time he maintains a blog called Teeth Maestro and is also an active team members at Karachi Metblogs

Omer Alvie - is a NRP (Non-resident Pakistani or Newly Reformed Protagonist) based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates . In his free time, he writes for his own blog THE OLIVE REAM and is also a contributing author for Global Voices Online. He may be contacted at over_email@yahoo.com.

Shahvez Fazail is an entrepreneur in Karachi and is actively running a software house Cerebrum Technologies, he was one of the first few contributors to this fund and then came forth to help and support our efforts in a big way, the website you see here is hosted, designed and donated by our very own Shay, thank you

Khurram Siddiqui - is based out of Dubai, UAE, he is presently studying for the ACCA qualification, in his personal time he runs a very active blog Khurram Siddiqui he has joined the team and is now responsible for updating and managing the HelpPakistan Blog

Team Help-Pakistan

Amir Fazail
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Hina Mithani
Jawwad Jaffry
Hafsa Ahsan
Hafsa Adil
Ramla Akhtar
Ahmed Mustafa
Umaima Mustafa
Zainab Masood
Sean Bonner (Owner of Metblog for donating a month long ad on the network)
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Ali Jafri
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